Cleanroom Foam Swabs


Polypropylene handles.
Clean swabs are exceptionally pure for precision cleaning, surface sampling, applying lubricants and other liquids and validation procedures. We offers an extensive range of high quality knitteda polyester, reticulated and non-eticulated foam, and nonwoven polyester tip materials to choose from..


1.Perimeter edges heats-sealed to prevent fiber release.
2.Ultralow particle generation and remains.
3.Good chemical resistant and ideal for use with a wide range of cleaning solvents and solution such as IPA.
4.Highly absorbent and removing excess materials.
5.Plastic polymer handles soft and elasticity,not easily to broken off,and will not scratch the sensitive surface.


1.For class 10-100 cleanroom
2.Suitable for laster,semiconductor,optical instrument,Electronic microscope,magnetism read-write head,and precision axletree ,etc.


Clean swab are double bagged in cleanroom bags manufactured from high purity polyethelene resin that insures ultra-low organic and inorganic residues. Bags are free from silicone, amides, and DP and comply with RoHS directives. An easy tear notch and solvent resistant inner pack labels insure ease of use.